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Sunday, November 06, 2005

14. BI#4, Golf On Television

When, on a Saturday or Sunday, at certain times of the year, I am home having lunch I turn on the TV and watch a golf tournament. I have never played golf but I find that watching adults trying to hit a little ball in a little hole very soothing. I think it’s especially the pleasure of looking at a perfect green world.
When our becoming-human ancestors walked across the dry savannas of the world little did they know that their future children would be able to create the perfect walking environment. Just think how the grass would feel to those half-inch thick calloused feet. The cool spongy softness of smooth soft green grass and knowing that there were trees to escape predators all alongside you. I don’t know what they would have thought of sand traps, maybe a good place to dig a hole for shelter.
But, I have a problem. I am unable to clearly see the little ball and little hole. Also, everything looks flat when I know by the announcers comments there are many hills and slopes. Why can’t the TV people paint the ball and hole with something that while invisible to the players would show up on the TV? I don’t know how the problem with showing contours can be solved but maybe someone can figure something out.

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