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Thursday, November 03, 2005

11. A Great Improvisation Chapter Headings

The chapter headings of 'A Great Improvisation, Franklin, France, and the Birth of America' by Stacy Schiff

I. The First Mistake in Public Business Is the Going into It

II. Half the Truth Is Often a Great Lie

III. Three Can Keep a Secret, If Two of Them Are Dead

IV. The Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice

V. There Is No Such Thing as a Little Enemy

VI. Admiration Is the Daughter Of Ignorance

VII. Success Has Ruined Many a Man

VIII. Everyone Has Wisdom Enough to Manage the Affairs of His Neighbors

IX. The Sting of a Reproach Is the Truth of It

X. Those Who in Quarrels Interpose May Get Bloody Nose

XI. The Absent Are Never Without Fault

XII. Creditors Have Better Memories Than Debtors


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