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Sunday, October 09, 2005

8. Answers, Limerick, Pizza

The Answers to
Two Important Questions
You Never Knew You
Needed To Know

Q: Why can angels fly?
A: Angels can fly because they take themselves

Q: How many angels can dance
on the head of a pin?
A: As many as want to.

Little Willie Limerick

Little Willie raising hell
Threw his sister down the well.
Said his mother when drawing water
“It’s so hard to raise a daughter”

Great Name For A Pizza Restaurant

Ram Dass talked about the nature of gratification, the difference between
the first and the second bites of the pizza. He thought that perhaps this
generation of Americans, the children of affluence, was in a better position than others to realize that desire was a desert mirage that receded as you approached it, that gratification in the material world was an illusion.
All of which doesn't mean, Ram Dass concluded, that you refuse to eat the pizza and enjoy it. It means that you eat the pizza with full compassion for the predicament you're in. Then it becomes just one more pizza on the Path.


If this title is ever used I expect a lifetime award of one free pizza a month. You can reach me at Bookgleaner@aol.com.


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