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Saturday, October 08, 2005

7. BI#3, Repository Of Family Photos

Brilliant Idea Number Three

Occasionally the San Francisco Friends of the Library Donation Center will find photo albums included in a box of book donations. The impression I have is that the last of a family line has died and the person in charge of distributing their possesions has no interest in keeping the photos.
Someone should start a non-profit organization that would receive these albums and store them. Nothing complicated. Store them in boxes in a secure dry storage area. The purpose would be for future historians to be able to use them for research. The older they are the more important they would become. A hundred years from now people will be saying, "Imagine, they wore clothes made from animal hair and plant seeds." Maybe charge a small initial storage fee. I recently read an article that the Smithsonian is interested in obtaining large sets of family photos but my organization would not discriminate, it would accept all donations from a few photos in a shoebox to large albums.

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