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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

9. Berry Gordy On Success

Berry Gordy Interview

One of the more important problems in being an entrepreneur is the
problem of happiness after success. Many people might say, "hey, babe, give me the success, and I'll worry about the happiness afterward." Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.
Unless you consider happiness before you consider success then the manner in which you achieve your success will be something that will destroy you at some later date. Many people in their rise to success, are so busy running to the top, stepping on their competitors, stepping on their enemies and, saddest of all, stepping on their friends and loved ones in the process, that when they get to the top, they look around and discover that they are extremely lonely and unhappy. They'll ask me "Where did I go wrong?" My answer has always been, "probably at the beginning"
Berry Gordy, president of Motown Records

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