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Saturday, October 01, 2005

1. Statement of Purpose

Over the years I have given my friends the benefit of my brilliant ideas but for some unknown reason no one has ever taken them seriously. Therefore I have decided to give them to the world in the hope that someone will recognize the unique possibilities of these ideas and have the financial resources to see them to fruition.
Additionally, over the years (has anyone registered overtheyears.com?) I have accumulated articles, jokes, and poems that I enjoy and hope others will as well. I do not know how often these missives will be issued as I am subject to invasions of laziness but I will try for a once a week minimum.

Brilliant Idea Number One:

Funerals; the popularity of cremations has gone too far. I propose a new type of funeral where you can take it with you. Instead of coffins funeral homes offer cargo containers! The benefits are unlimited. You will be able to take all the stuff you have accumulated and be buried with it; your car, clothes, furniture, kitchen utensils, bikes, etc. You can be buried in your own bed or car with the stuff stacked around you from all those years of shopping. All this stuff will now become artifacts that, in a thousand years, archeologists will study and exclaim over. I do not know how long a steel container will last but I suggest funeral plots be established in the desert and the hole be very deep to discourage grave robbers. Funeral bulldozers could easily prepare a hole.
Other positive results, your kids will not fight over your stuff because it’s with you. Think of the national economic benefits, all that stuff is now taken out of circulation so that more stuff will have to be produced. I can envision a time where, if everyone takes up my idea, there might be a shortage of stuff so there will be no unemployment everyone will be kept employed making new stuff. Shipping firms will benefit and interior designers will have a whole new area to compete in.
So there it is. Someone out there please go with it.

All positive comments may be sent to Bookgleaner at aol.com
All negative comments may be sent to renaelgkooB at aol.com

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