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Thursday, November 10, 2005

18. BI#5, Environmental Science Fiction Novel

Brilliant Idea Number 5

First Chapter: Space ship [Deus ex Machina) appears over earth, the buildup of its appearance can be a chapter or a page.

Second Chapter: The space ship announces that in six months (timing is up to author) the borders of all the countries in the world will be sealed off. The inhabitants must then live with the resources that that country has, nothing else. A slightly opaque wall will rise up from the ground twenty-fifty miles in the sky. No humans or their creations can get through except electromagnetic signals. If the country borders water the wall will begin one mile from the shore. If, during the six months, countries join completely, allowing free travel, commerce, etc. their walls will be combined. As an example the space ship puts wall around one country. Everyone tries to break thru but to no avail.

Third Chapter: Countries attack space ship but are unable to destroy it. Meanwhile people move to what they think will be the most sustainable country.

Fourth Chapter: First person experiences from there on. Descriptions of what happens to the 200 countries, would any modern civilization survive or would they all revert to primitive societies?

Great story with important topic and, hopefully, a good lesson on where we are not today.
Write it!

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