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Thursday, December 29, 2005

36. How A Young Lady Dismisses Her Lover

I copied the following two letters from an 1865 book entitled, "The United States Letter Writer". I thought it might be useful to the young ladies of today in helping them to disengage themselves from an unhealthy relationship and show them that there is an alternative to saying “You bastard, go to hell!”

How A Young Lady Dismisses Her Lover

Mr. N. N., Sir:
Since we have become better acquainted, you have, I am sorry to say, displayed qualities which I did not expect in you. Everyone must form a very unfavorable opinion of you, and this opinion would also extend to me. You therefore oblige me by this means, to the disagreeable step of dissolving our friendly relationship. If you traduce me for it, I have to bear with it, and will remind you, that slander from you will be looked upon as praise, by every one who knows me. This explanation, as disagreeable as it is to me, I owe to my reputation, without at all wishing to offend you.
Respectfully, N. N.

Mr. N. N., Sir:
Your conduct of yesterday has so lowered you in my estimation that I am necessitated to break off our friendly connection.
I am glad that I have become acquainted with your ignoble character in time. If you cannot conduct yourself properly before we are married, how would it be afterwards? It is true that intoxication was the cause of your improper conduct; but should a man who pretends to be a gentleman, ever be intoxicated? At the same time I learned that this is not the first time that you have so far forgotten yourself, but that you are much addicted to intoxicating liquors. This is quite enough for me! I would not have a drunkard for a husband, and to avoid anything unpleasant you will not call upon me again.
N. N.

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