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Friday, December 23, 2005

35. BI#6, A Couple Of Auto Improvements

Brillent Idea Number Six

I don’t understand why in this technological age we still need a stick to measure oil. Come on auto makers, one simple dial instead of a stick and the women will go for it.
Also, why not use wooden bumpers so that when you bump into something only the bumper is damaged. Bumpers made out of soft pine that would stick out a couple of inches. They could be painted and replaced using a few bolts.

Next, someone develop a computer game for kids and adults to be played at different levels. How about a Lost In The Wilderness game at several levels. Beginning with young kids, when they realize they are lost to stay in place, don’t keep moving. For adults, three days to find water, three weeks to find food. How to make fire, shelter etc. Need for sleep. What plants are edible? Using a compass. This would not be a killer animal game.

While I’m at it why not allow all computer applications to have several levels of competence. For example, Microsoft Word at level one would be for beginners. Level one would be the Word that was released twenty years ago.

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