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Saturday, November 26, 2005

29. BI#5 - Building The Thousand-year House

Brilliant Idea Number Five
Attention: Architects, This Old House Personnel, Millionaires

For many years I have been thinking about building a house that would last a thousand years. My plan was that as soon as I had a couple of extra million dollars I would start. Well, I'm sorry to say it looks like the extra millions are not going to happen so I would like to give my ideas to the world in the hopes someone out there will find it a worthy project. Here are some scattered thoughts:

A. The house would not be large, living room, kitchen, two-three bedrooms, and two-car garage. Think of it as a country place.

B. Sponsor several graduate classes in the top architectural schools to write white papers on the materials and construction.

C. One thousand years, floors, walls, ceilings. What materials would last?

D. Requirements: build a house that, after it was completed, you could walk away from for one thousand years and when you came back the basic house would still be there.

E, Proofs: water proof, fire proof, falling tree proof, earth movement proof, ant proof, lightning proof, tree root proof, dry rot proof, etc.

F. Three levels of functional living:
1. All modern state-of-the-art appliances and wiring. Natural gas cooking and heating. Electrical lighting.
2. Victorian living, no electricity, no running water (use well pump). Cook and heat using firewood.
3. Barbarian, caveman living. Shelter plus fireplace cooking and heating.

G. At the very beginning keep a diary with the purpose of turning it into what could be a very interesting book about your experiences.

H. I’ve drawn a rough idea of what I’m thinking of and would be glad to show it to anyone interested.

If you’re interested write me at; bookgleaner at aol.com

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