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Sunday, December 04, 2005

32. Attention Clint Eastwood, Your Next Movie


Time; current, an adobe house in the Nevada desert. Early morning. Clint opens door and walks out on porch with dog. Gets pail and goes to well. Dog growls. “I see him Sam” Shot to distant figure walking down dirt road toward them. Clint goes back into house. Stands by front door, places rifle next to door, watches young girl approach. As she gets near a shot rings out and she falls. Clint tells the dog to go after the shooter who is on a nearby ridge. The girl has shoulder wound, nothing serious. Clint takes care of her, doesn’t ask any questions. She asks lots about his life. The next day the boy who delivers groceries to Clint once a month comes in. They put the girl in the back of the pickup. As they drive away she yells to Clint, “You’re a hell of a father”. Zing!
The next day Clint packs a bag, he and the dog walk dirt road to highway and hitchhike to small town where girl was taken to hospital. First he goes to phone booth and calls his dead ex wife’s sister in San Francisco. She tells him his daughter was born after the divorce and his wife did not want him to know. The wife died of cancer when the daughter was three and the sister raised the daughter.
Next Clint calls his best friend, a doctor, who is treating him for incurable cancer.
Next Clint goes to hospital and finds out the girl snuck out.
Next Clint rents a car and drives to San Francisco. Goes to sister-in-laws house and finds her murdered.
The rest of the story is about Clint chasing after his daughter, stopping the hired killers and finding out who is behind it and why. Clint, drop me an email and I'll tell you the surprise ending.

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