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Thursday, July 12, 2007

101. Charles Bukowski - Contributors' Notes

From: The People Look Like Flowers At Last by Charles Bukowski

Contributors' Notes

WENDELL THOMAS teaches creative writing every summer at Ohio State
University. His recent credits include Lick, Out of Sight, Entrails and
many other important small mags.
RICHARD KWINT recently moved from South Carolina to Delaware. He
is now divorced and is currently working on several one-act plays
TALBERT HAYMAN has appeared in over 23 anthologies. His 3rd chapbook
of poems Winter Driven Light of Night will be published by
the Bogbelly Press later this fall. He is on the faculty of Princeton
Day School in N.J.
WILLIAM PREWIT has been widely published in the little mags. He lives
with his aunt, his daughter (Margery-Jean), his wife and his tomcat
(Kenyon) in upper New Jersey.
BLANDING EDWARDS founded the little magazine Roll Them Bones.
PATRICIA BURNS is a genius. She teaches at Princeton Day School in N.J.
ALBERT STICHWORT has worked as a dishwasher, veterinarian, lumber-
jack, hotwalker, stevedore, motorcycle policeman; he studied under
Charles Olson and once fought four rounds with Joe Louis. He has
lived in Paris, Munich, London, Arabia and Africa. He is presently
studying Creative Writing and the University of Southern California.
NICK DIVIOGONNI rides her horse every day and teaches summer
classes at Montclair State Jr. College in N.J.
PETER PARKS teaches at Princeton Day School in N.J.
MARCEL RYAN once shaved the hair off the balls of Jean-Paul Sartre.
PETER FALKENBERG is the father of 3 children and has worked as a
janitor, payroll clerk and as an attendant in a mental hospital.
PETER BENNETT has appeared in the North American Review, Southern
Poetry Review, Quixote, Meatball, Wormwood Review, Hearse,
Harper's, Evergreen Review, Ramparts, Avant Garde, Northern
Poetry Review, The Smith, The New York Times, Chelsea, The New
York Quarterly, Atom Mind, Cottonwood Review, Antioch Review,
Beloit Quarterly, Sun and Mummy. He committed suicide November
9, 1972.
DARNBY BEMLE is part owner of a Turkish bath.
STUART BELHAM masturbates 4 times a day.
HARLEY GABRIEL plans to teach English next year at Princeton Day
School in N.J.
WILLIAM COSTWICK was born in 1900 in Yokohama, Japan.
MASH EDWARDS once raped a girl riding a bicycle. He has studied
under Wendell Thomas, Albert Stichwort, Tyrone Douglas, Abbot
Boyd, Peter Parks and many others. His main influence is Dame
Edith Sitwell.
TANNER GROSHAWK is wanted for the murder of 4 high school
SASSON VILLON is a former friend of Victor Mature. He teaches at
Princeton Day School in N.J.
VICTOR WALTER writes his poems with flaming fencing swords on the
throats of vultures and hates television.
STUART BELHAM'S wife, Tina, masturbates 4 times a day.
CARSON CRASWELL asks for no contributor's note.
PARKER BRIGGS is presently an "A" student at Montclair State Jr.
College in N.J.


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