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Monday, April 23, 2007

94. Marianne Moore - A Few La Fontaine Precepts

From Quarterly Review of Literature, 30th Anniversary Issue

"Like what you have, don't tell a falsehood
That is safest; but would you if you strove
By lies to secure some kind of good,
Ever get it? You cannot deceive Jove."

"You cannot make peace with dishonest foes."

"Greed is its own punishment."

"Don't be covetous;
During recent years, what multitudes we have seen,
Who in one day lost all, hoping to have been
Prematurely prosperous."

"Advantage is bought at too much cost
When what was worth most is lost."

"Wisdom is wealth that is not burdensome."

"Don't attribute to Fate, misfortune resulting from neglect."


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